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Check out FLAC for Windows Runtime (FLAC-WinRT)!

Current project will be moved to FLAC-WinRT "examples" folder.

Project Description

Contains MediaStreamSource implementation to allow FLAC files playback on Windows Phone using original libFLAC.dll library.

This project contains basic MediaStreamSource implementation to allow FLAC files playback in Windows Phone 8.x applications. The project uses original libFLAC.dll source code.

The source code contained now is for both WP 8.0 and WP 8.1. The difference is minimal, though I had to implement new BackgroundTask and MediaStreamSource adapter for WP 8.1.

With the help of the community (mcosmin in general) WP 8.1 playback issues have been fixed, so one can easily use the project in Windows Phone Runtime 8.1 and Universal apps projects.

Please be aware that WP 8.1 for now doesn't support Background Audio in Silverlight 8.1 projects!

Some parts of the project use the code from FlacBox project:


All you need to start with using the code is to add some FLAC to *.App\Audio folder and fix MainPage.xaml.cs file accordingly.

You will also need to extracts libs folder into the solution dir. Libs are distributed in a separate ZIP archive.


Thank to MSDN forums community and mcosmin especially for all priceless help in solving WP 8.1 playback issues!

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