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Setting position possible?



First of all, thanks for your implementation to play FLAC files.
I'm using your project to write my own WP8.1 music application and it works so far.
The only issue I've encountered occurs when I try to set the Position using BackgroundMediaPlayer.Current.Position, which leads me to the question: Is setting the position possible at all?

I would be very pleased if you could help me solving this issue!


Alovchin wrote Oct 14, 2014 at 10:57 AM


This project is provided as an example and so it doesn't contain finished and especially polished end-user functionality. Setting position is possible, but you'll have to debug and implement it on your own, sorry :(

By the way, this project is a bit outdated. I have created a normal libFLAC Windows Runtime API, check this: FLAC for Windows Runtime. It doesn't contain end-user functionality either, but current project will be moved there to the examples folder some time this week.